Northern Group call CCT to Strike out Saraki Case, Plans Solidarity Support Rally

Northern group, under the auspices of Saraki North West Solidarity Support Group, has called on the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) to strike out the case against the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki.

The group, in a statement signed by its chairman, Bashir Abdulraheem, and made available to newsmen in Kaduna at the weekend, said the case is causing unnecessary distraction on the Senate President.

According to the group, “It has become necessary for us to draw the attention of the general public to our concern over the plot to use institutions of state to discredit the person and character of His Excellency, Distinguished President of the Nigerian Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki. We wish to state without ambiguity, that, we support the ongoing fight against corruption by the present administration under the credible leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We are, however, constrained to make our observations on the crusade known to the world, regarding the selective nature of the people targeted in this fight. It is our belief that, the ongoing trial of the Senate President is far from fair and has been deliberately orchestrated by the media and public sentiment in favour of those, who want Dr. Saraki down by all means.

“We observe with dismay, how Dr. Saraki has already been condemned in the court of induced public opinion, for no just cause than the settlement of cheap political scores.

“Dr. Bukola Saraki has risen to public profile with a distinct pedigree as a businessman, politician and administrator. In all that his public life represents, we can at the least count on the solid foundation he has laid for Kwara state, while he was governor. His revolutionary food security programme has remained instructive and phenomenal till today.

“We cannot, by any stretch of imagination, find any reason why a desperate attempt is being made to destroy the hard earned reputation of the Senate President. We maintain that, the ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal is an unnecessary distraction and is obviously predetermined.

“We observed with dismay that Dr. Saraki was a floor member of the Senate for 4 years; why wasn’t all these charges brought against him then? Where was CCT, were they on sabbatical leave? Indeed, this is percussion in its entirety. We therefore call on the CCT to, as a matter of transparency, strike out the case as was done with Bola Ahmed Tinubu case, too.

“A solidarity rally will be embarked upon by our group all over the North-West to show our total support and solidarity for the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki. We call on well-meaning Nigerians to rise up and defend our democracy by rejecting this unfair, selective persecution,” Abdulraheem, however, stated.


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