Nigeria can be restructured without war – Onuesoke

Contrary to the opinions by some Nigerians, a former Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, says Nigeria can be restructured without necessarily going to war. Speaking to journalists in

Kano weekend, Onuesoke pointed out that Nigeria has developed to a state where it could be restructured without shedding a drop of blood, saying that Nigeria got her independence from the British government without fighting, despite the fact that people from some parts of the country were opposed to the independence then.

“If we could get our independence from our colonialists without going to war, I wonder why we cannot restructure our system to reflect true federalism without shedding blood,” he stated.

The former governorship contender, who said Nigeria has been restructured so many times without fighting, said although it was not the right type of restructuring, however, it evolves every time there is a constitutional change. “That is restructuring, because such constitutional provisions are either giving power or authority to those in government or to the people.

“Since Independence, Nigeria has been restructured from four regions that made the regions self-sufficient to 12 states, to 19 states and now 36 states, including the removal of the federal capital from Lagos to Abuja. In all these restructuring no war was fought,” he recalled.

The PDP chieftain maintained that Nigerians must renegotiate their union, in order to make it stronger, arguing that greater autonomy, power and resources for states and local authorities would give the federating units greater freedom and flexibility to address local issues, priorities and peculiarities.

It would be recalled that (in another sided-of-the-coin on this issue) Alhaji Tanko Yakassai last week granted an elaborate interview to journalists, where he notably declared that he supports the campaign for restructuring of the nation, except for the lack of an avowed constitutional provision to give it a smooth sail.  As he put it, “Nigeria’s constitution has no provision for re-negotiating its unity and entity.”


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