Government should give soft loans, not grazing reserves – Dareng

Hon Dareng

The issue of “Grazing Reserves” across the country has grown to a peak momentum, raising ferocious reactions from especially citizens of state governments.

In view of this heated scenario, a member representing Jos South constituency in the plateau state House of Assembly, Hon Nyam Dareng, expressed his reaction on Wednesday, on the issue of Grazing Reserves in the state. He urged the state governor, Barr Simon Lalong, to withdraw the state’s name among those listed that have accepted to create Grazing Reserves for Fulani herdsmen in their domains.

He posited that, if the Federal Government is serious on diversification of agriculture in the country, it should give out grants of soft loans to enable those, who are interested in livestock farming, to get into business.

According to him, this would enable those, who are interested to venture into agriculture such as: Poultry, Cows herding, Piggery, and Goats, in line with the agricultural revolution of the federal government, as measures of reducing the level of unemployment in the country, instead of resorting to grabbing people’s inheritance without any consultation.

“I can’t be a party to the grazing reserve. My people are not happy and cannot be party to it, too,” he said, adding that, “we have a lot of IDPs in the country, especially plateau, but government is not thinking of how it can properly resettle them back to their various homes, because it has not seen it as important to resettle them,” he said, adding that, the issue of the proposed Grazing Reserves is not a yardstick in ending crisis between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the State and Nigeria at large.

According to him, the policy, which is derived from a private bill that only passed first reading in the flow of the National Assembly, is now being implemented by the State Governor, Barr Simon Lalong, as a calculated attempt to grab people’s inheritance.

He said, the issue of tackling crisis between Fulani herdsmen and farmers cannot be handled without bringing all traditional rulers, who are closer to the people, to chat a road-map of ending clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the country, especially in Plateau State, while observing that most of the clashes often come from the lawless foreign Fulanis that often troop into the country for greener pastures.

He called on the federal government to give cross-border directives that will checkmate influx of criminal elements, and urged the Immigration department to wake up to its responsibilities at Nigeria’s borders, in order to intensively curtail the activities of foreign Fulanis, who are not known to the local authorities of their people in the State.

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