Disconnect Ecclesiastical Matters From Politics – Rev Shehu

Rev Shehu (right) addressing journalists at the press conference

We want a Church leadership in Nigeria that will stop playing politics with Ecclesiastical matters and stop playing lip-service over the precarious of Christians.

A body of “Concerned Christians of Nigeria (CCN),” lead by Rev Luka Shehu, disclosed this to newsmen in Jos on Monday, during a press conference. He decried the unholy acts being perpetuated by the umbrella body of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Nigeria over leadership interest.

He expressed concerns over the protracted crises that have bedeviled CAN over its National election, specifically on who succeeds Pastor Ayo Oristejeafor.

While expressing disappointment with the leadership of the CAN in the country, the CCN spokesman said, instead of the leadership to rise up and address the challenges confronting Christians, especially victims of terrorism in northern Nigeria, it is busy soiling its name for parochial interests.

Rev Shehu said, while resisting the attempts to resolve the conflict from the election, the CAN leadership is insistent upon ‘ratifying the election’ at the National Council meeting on Tuesday, 19th July 2016. “The lack of willingness by the CAN leadership to resolve the issue regarding election is further dividing CAN and leading to distrust and insecurity.”

According to him, the leadership of CAN has resisted the demand for peaceful resolution that will lead to evolution and transit to a new leadership through due-process; and in accordance to CAN constitution, “we are afraid that money and other forms of manipulations have been used in CAN elections.  We are against Christian leadership that abuses both the exegetical and contextual principle of the message of ‘grace,’ in order to perpetuate or cover up evil under any guise,” the clergy retorted.

He called on proponents of allies of the CAN president to desist from misleading Christians that ‘the Presidency or the federal government is interested in a candidate for the CAN presidency.’

He further warned that, should the leadership of the CAN throws caution to the winds, the northern CAN would be compelled to revert to the pre-independence Northern Nigerian Christian Association (NNCA), which according to him, was the umbrella body of the unifying Christians in Northern Nigeria since the colonial administration.

Rev Luka Shehu said, “We plead with the well-meaning Christian leaders, both Lay/Laity and other relevant organizations concerned to prevail on the current CAN leadership and the five blocs in CAN, to restrain and desist from the plan to impose a leadership on the CAN, as this may lead to disunity and breech of peace.”

According to him, the manipulation of CAN constitution, which they insist on holding an election on 24th June, 2016, did not go down well with many Christians; and for this reason, CAN in the 19 northern States has written twice to CAN leadership not to rush with the election, but they refused to listen.

In this line, already “we have evidence and proof that the Catholic Church bloc (CSN)’s displeasure, advice and position to CAN prior to the election; and also Kaduna state CAN has also dissociated itself from the election.”

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