Army/Shiite Clash: Court Sitting Held For IMN Members In Prison

The Kaduna State Command of the Nigeria Prisons Service has revealed that it held a court sitting in the Prison for members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), who were remanded because of the fear of attacks by other members of the Movement.

The Command Controller, Abubakar Garba Talba, on Wednesday made this known, while appearing before the judicial commission of inquiry sitting in Kaduna. He also added that, aside from the fear of being attacked, logistics and insecurity were other reasons.

According to him, 182 members of the IMN, also known as Shiites, are in their custody as against the 191 suspects brought to it days after the December 12 clash in Zaria; noting that some of the suspects were brought in critical conditions, which at initial stage the Prisons Service was reluctant to accept, not until after much pleading from the state government.

Supporting Talba’s submission, a senior medical personnel with the Prisons Services, Superintendent Dr. Onugha C., affirmed that, “The suspects were brought with various degrees of gunshots; a bullet was extracted from one of the Shiite, which penetrated through him severally, but who eventually died 11 days after undergoing surgery,” he said.

“On the 18th December, when the suspects were brought, I mobilized other medical personnel. Two out of the 14 were with life threatening condition. We operated on four, of which one died 11 days after surgery. The bullet extracted is in the prison custody. Most of them have been discharged from the prison hospital and have fully recovered,” he said.

According to the controller, the Kaduna State government provided personnel, materials and drugs worth three million naira, to provide medical attention for them.

Also appearing before the commission at the Wednesday sitting were the Nigerian Police Service, National Emergency Management Agency, and the State Security Service.

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